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Courtside Villas offers pet-friendly rentals and welcoming accommodations, anyone from anywhere in the world can participate. This includes those with pets. Bringing your dog or cat for a short or long stay can be as easy as reserving a room today. Best of all there are many dog and

Best of all there are many pet-friendly activities available throughout South Florida. Florida possesses a dog-friendly atmosphere. Dogs are welcome in most downtown areas. There is the Everglades Beach area that is known to be very pet-friendly and an abundance of other parks close by that welcomes pets that are on and even off a leash in certain locations.

As a note, those traveling from cooler climates should exercise caution, as the south Florida heat can be a health concern for pets. Keep your pets hydrated and avoid exercising your dog during the hottest times of the day by opting for a pet-friendly short term rental. Plan for early morning and early evening outings just to be safe. This is the case even during the winter months in Florida.


Why Should I Travel With My Pet

Those who love animals have probably heard of something called dog separation anxiety. It is a common concern especially in light of the fact that dogs are rather quite social creatures. They enjoy nothing more than being close to their owner companions. However, those who own a dog and travel know that it is at times difficult to either find pet-friendly accommodations or to arrange travel around pets with all of their normal needs. When pets are left home there are other problems like separation anxiety that must be addressed.

Even when a pet is under the watchful eye of a pet sitter who visits a few times a day, there are issues with the mental and emotional health of the animal. Animals get lonely plain and simple and can even become depressed. They can also become destructive if they are routinely ignored. This is their way of letting us know that they are being neglected. Nuisance barking or persistent barking can also cause ongoing problems for a pet owner. While bringing a pet along while traveling whenever possible is perhaps the smartest option, there a few tips to help manage a pet when they must be left at home.

Other Options While Traveling

There are many doggie day care facilities available today in most major cities that will take good care of your animal while you are gone. These facilities are great and will keep pets engaged throughout the day. But they are not as engaged as when they travel with you.  While Boarding pets can be a costly option those who rather choose to have their dog cared for at their home while they are gone can do a few things to make the animal’s life more pleasant.

One way to do this is to ask your pet-sitter to give your dog a brisk walk several times a day. Repeated vigorous games of fetch are also helpful in this regard. Regular exercise will tire a dog and ensure that he or she sleeps better. Exercise that is regular in nature while you are away will help keep your pet balanced and more relaxed. In addition, leaving familiar toys as well as a few new toys can help to keep your pet occupied and will serve to reduce potentially destructive behavior. Remember that dog separation anxiety can lead to substantially destructive events